The Pole Vault Factory is a year round USATF Pole Vault Club that greatly improves the skills of beginner to elite pole vaulters.

Summer Club Starts the first week in June.
mark your calendar.

Gettin’ Gooder List

New Kyel W  15-0

New Jacob A 14-6

New Daniel D 14-6

New Justin M 14-0

New Josh T 13-6

New Kieron B 13-0

Zack M 12-6

New Abbie D 12-2.5

Jevin M 12-0

New Emily C 11-6

New Maeve M 11-0

New Haley B 11-0

Sydney W 11-0

New James T 11-0

Natalie L 10-6

Katlyn G 10-6

Cole E 10-6

Mara K 10-6

Allison T 10-0

Jenna H 10-6

Chloe 9-0

Bryn Z 9-6

New Justine P 8-0