The Pole Vault Factory is a year round USATF Pole Vault Club that greatly improves the skills of beginner to elite pole vaulters.

Gettin’ Gooder List

New Kyel W  15-0

New Jacob A 14-6

New Daniel D 14-6

New Justin M 14-6

New Josh T 13-6

New Matt P 13-6

New Kieron B 13-0

New Brian L 13-0

Zack M 12-6

New Abbie D 12-2.5

Jevin M 12-0

New Emily C 11-6

New Sydney W 11-6

New Maeve M 11-0

New Haley B 11-0

New James T 9-6

New Tia M 10-0

Natalie L 10-6

Katlyn G 10-6

Cole E 10-6

Mara K 10-6

Allison T 10-0

Jenna H 10-6

Chloe 9-0

New Brynn Z 10-0

New Justine P 8-3


Kyel W
Daniel D
Jacob A 
Justin M 
Mike H
Abbie D
Sydney W
Maeve M 
Haley B
Emily C
Stefani A
Corinne H
Matt P
Brian L
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Fall Session

Fall Session will be from Sept 10 till Nov27

Tues, Wed 6:45-8:45
Sun 12:30-2:30
Sun 2:30-4:30

Let me know what days you want. (Early Sunday almost full)

Kyel W 4th
Daniel D 15th
Jacob A 10th
Justin M 10th
Emily C18th
Sydney W 10th
Haley B 13th
Abbie D18th
Corinne H 17th
No Club on Wed 10/30  The college track team is doing “track or treat” for the local kids.  

No Club on Sunday Nov 10.  Saturday is an Oberlin College President’s breakfast. Clean up is Sunday and Monday.  Make up is any Tues or Wed.