The Pole Vault Factory is a year round USATF Pole Vault Club that greatly improves the skills of beginner to elite pole vaulters.

Summer Club is going great.  

June 4 to Aug 22

mark your calendar.

Gettin’ Gooder List

New Kyel W  15-0

New Jacob A 14-6

New Daniel D 14-6

New Justin M 14-6

New Josh T 13-6

New Matt P 13-6

New Kieron B 13-0

New Brian L 13-0

Zack M 12-6

New Abbie D 12-2.5

Jevin M 12-0

New Emily C 11-6

New Sydney W 11-6

New Maeve M 11-0

New Haley B 11-0

New James T 9-6

New Tia M 10-0

Natalie L 10-6

Katlyn G 10-6

Cole E 10-6

Mara K 10-6

Allison T 10-0

Jenna H 10-6

Chloe 9-0

New Brynn Z 10-0

New Justine P 8-3


Kyel W
Daniel D
Jacob A 
Justin M 
Mike H
Abbie D
Sydney W
Maeve M 
Haley B
Emily C
Stefani A
Corinne H
Matt P
Brian L
Bring forms and $ first practice
Go to sign up pageSign_Up.html
Things have changed  :o)
Practice this week (7/16,17,18) will be at the indoor track like normal, then we will be outside the last two weeks of July and the first week of Aug. (2 weeks) Practice will be 6:30-8:30 
Monday at 6:00 we will be putting the pit outside. Come help if you can.

They’re painting the ceiling and side walls of the indoor track.
We are putting the pit outside on Monday at 6:00
74 and sunny.
should be nice. 
If you can come help it would really be appreciated. 
Club will be outside for two weeks (maybe 3)