The Pole Vault Factory is a year round USATF Pole Vault Club that greatly improves the skills of beginner to elite pole vaulters.

Gettin’ Gooder List

New Kyel W  15-0

New Jacob A 14-6

New Daniel D 14-6

New Justin M 14-6

New Josh T 13-6

New Matt P 13-6

New Kieron B 13-0

New Brian L 13-0

Zack M 12-6

New Abbie D 12-2.5

Jevin M 12-0

New Emily C 11-6

New Sydney W 11-6

New Maeve M 11-0

New Haley B 11-0

New James T 9-6

New Tia M 10-0

Natalie L 10-6

Katlyn G 10-6

Cole E 10-6

Mara K 10-6

Allison T 10-0

Jenna H 10-6

Chloe 9-0

New Brynn Z 10-0

New Justine P 8-3


Kyel W
Daniel D
Jacob A 
Justin M 
Mike H
Abbie D
Sydney W
Maeve M 
Haley B
Emily C
Stefani A
Corinne H
Matt P
Brian L
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Fall Session

Fall Session will be from Sept 10 till Nov27

Tues, Wed 6:45-8:45
Sun 12:30-2:30
Sun 2:30-4:30

Let me know what days you want. (Early Sunday almost full)

Kyel W 4th
Daniel D 15th
Jacob A 10th
Justin M 10th
Emily C18th
Sydney W 10th
Haley B 13th
Abbie D18th
Corinne H 17th