The Pole Vault Factory is a year round USATF Pole Vault Club that greatly improves the skills of beginner to elite pole vaulters.

Gettin’ Gooder List

New Kyel W  15-0

Jacob A 14-1

New Daniel D 13-6

New Justin M 13-1

Erik H 13-0

New Kieron B 13-0

Josh T 12-6

Zack M 12-6

Justin M 13-4

Luke H 11-8

New Abbie D 11-6

New Emily C 11-6

Sydney W 11-0

New Larry G 12-6

Jevin M 11-0

New Abbie D 10-9

Maeve M 10-9

Natalie L 10-6

Katlyn G 10-6

Cole E 10-6

Mara K 10-6

Allison T 10-0

Hope M 10-0

Jenna H 10-6

Chloe 9-0

Bryn Z 9-6

Bree L 9-6

New James T 9-0

Indoor meets I plan to attend
                 (more later)
Fri Jan 4        Spire
Fri Jan 18      Spire
Sun Jan 27    Oberlin (no club)
Fri Feb 1        Spire
Sat Feb 2       Oberlin
Sat Feb 9       Youngstown
Fri Feb 15      Spire
Sat Feb 23     Oberlin
Sat Mar2        Spire (State Meet)

note: The Fri night Spire meets are open to teams who have joined a league. If you are going, I can bring poles.
I have two poles to trade:
1340 spirit
1250 spirit
I need a 1220, 1325,1355 spirit.
Back to normal time during the week

Winter Session Begins Jan 6

Times will be:

Tues 7:00-9:00

Wed 7:00-9:00

Thur 7:00-9:00

Sun 12:30-2:30

Sun 2:30-4:30

Bring Forms and check with you to first practice.